What is a dotted half note

In the second measure, we play the note on beat one and hold it down for three beats. You first of all need to know the duration of the original note.

what is a dotted half note

The number on top is the number of notes per measure while the number on the bottom indicates what kind of note. Calculate the value of the dotted whole note and click to find if you are correct. Follow simonhorsey. Simon 12 November 2017.

Lesson 2: Ties, Half Notes, Dotted Half Notes, Whole Notes, and Rests

Lesson 2 Practice Suggestions. I believe it is essential to know the theory behind how a dot following a note changes it.

what is a dotted half note

A dotted half note has the same time value as a dotted half rest. Highly Recommended: Therefore, when the quarter note is equal to one beat, the whole note is equal to four beats.

what is a dotted half note

A sign which signifies a measured silence. To illustrate more clearly: The five horizontal lines that make up a music staff are called leger lines.

The Dotted Half Note

However, understanding how dotted notes work doesn't necessarily help you when you have to play them! Click here for more information. The tie indicates that we hold the notes together without re-articulating or restarting the second note of the tie. Try this on your piano.

The Dotted Note

Share Flipboard Email. It indicates how many notes and what kind of notes in a measure. Here's a guide: However, I have shown it both ways here as I know some of my students find this method of counting easier. When a dot is added to the right side of a note, it means that half of that note value is added to its length.

The whole note is equal to the length of four quarter notes tied together.