What does sdl clothing stand for

Martindale M235 For testing the abrasion and pilling resistance of all types of fabrics and other materials.

what does sdl clothing stand for

For the evaluation of smoothness in appearance of flat fabric and seams, and the retention of pressed creases. Needle Bar Test Attachment 300514. Laboratory Centrifuge D397A1 Removes excess water from dyed or washed samples before hot air or line drying. Split Bollard Cord Grips 2kN 200633.

Puncture Strength Attachment for Textile 300433. To determine the oil or finish content of wool or synthetic samples by solvent percolation and evaporation.

what does sdl clothing stand for

Digital Rotational Viscometer D443. Portable Microscope G208E.

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Upper Snap Clamp 105288. Popper Grip 300454. Sample Spinner Y275B. Specimen Container - Type 1 103814.

what does sdl clothing stand for

Light Fastness Tester Mercury-Tungsten Lamp M237 To determine the colorfastness and degradation due to the effects of sunlight on textiles. Zip Test - BS3084 Test 6 200649.

Puncture Strength Attachment for Geotextile 300432. Scissor Action Grips 2kN 300495.

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Button Test Attachment 200630. L Profile Loop Bars for Limited 200636.

what does sdl clothing stand for

Knurled Roller Grips 2kN 300503. Zip Test - BS3084 Test 2 300750.

Pneumatic Grips with Interchangeable Jaws 1kN 300569. Shirlastain Fiber Identification Stains M030. Wrap Reel Electronic Y219B. Button Test Attachment with Cover 202677. Electronic Moisture Meter G211 To determine the moisture content percentage of fiber, yarns and fabrics, natural, synthetics and blends.