What does rabia mean in turkish

Turkish municipality erects Rabia sign statue

Nermin - Soft. Umut - Hope.

what does rabia mean in turkish

Merve - A mountain near Mekke. Saliha - Good, useful; living acc.

what does rabia mean in turkish

Mutlu - Happy. Filiz - Sprout.

Rabia Name Meaning & Origin

Gani - Abundant; rich. Mukadder - Predestined; faithed. Mazhar - Object of honors, favor. Selva - A type of bird. Suzan - Burning.

Syrian student exceling in studies in Turkish school.

Names and Their Meaning

Hamide - Woman worth to be praised. If not, what is your own interpretation of the sign? Seyhan - Seyhan river. Renan - Person giving out a tinkling sound. Serpil - Grow. Tan - Dawn. Fem - Mouth.

what does rabia mean in turkish

Please help me translate a sentence in a v... Halis - Pure; clear, real. This new sign already has its own history, legend and mysticism and it contains all the attributes that Islamists favor in their symbology, particularly martyrdom.

what does rabia mean in turkish

Vahide - Unique, the only, sole. Ferhan - Happy man; big chief, leader. Tezcan - Impetuous, precipitate.