What does dc means in crochet

Be sure to go through the center of the V of the chain and under the bar at the back; do not twist the chain.

what does dc means in crochet

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what does dc means in crochet

Why is this 5 and not 4? Updates may contain offers from Annie's and other companies. These days, many crochet pattern designers are offering their patterns in both US and UK terms so that you can use the language that you are already most comfortable with when you are crafting.

How to crochet a double crochet (dc) US / treble (tr) UK

How to Slip Stitch Lesson 9: The loop on the hook is never counted as a stitch. Count the stitches at the end of every row.

what does dc means in crochet

Hi Karen, You will start out row 3 by chaining 2, then you will alternate increases an increase is 2 of the designated stitches in the same stitch unless the pattern indicates otherwise with a single dc in the next stitch. You should have 14 single crochet stitches.

How to Do a Double Stitch - Crocheting

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How To Read A Crochet Pattern: Terms Explained For Beginners

Delivered twice a month. After working in each chain across, count your double crochet stitches. Ch5 counts as first dc plus ch 2, now and throughout , turn; dc in next dc, dc, ch 1, dc in next ch-2 sp and in each ch-2 sp across.

what does dc means in crochet

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Differences Between British and American English Crochet Pattern Terms

It's a great bonus for a crochet designer to offer this. When working Row 3 and all following rows in single crochet, never count the turning ch-1 as a stitch. Now you have worked Row 1.