What constitutes a protein domain search

In the case of hemoglobin this will make 4 domains, while for pyruvate kinase there will be 12 protein domains in the functional unit. It turns out that... Spending some time on this can be useful to find the domain in the target sequence in an easy way.

Hi i wanted to write a script in perl that can finds domains in a protein.

what constitutes a protein domain search

Hello everyone, I have a list of around 500 Pfam-A domains and I would like to mine the current... Hi all, I have a human protein NNT which consist of three protein domains and also 22 exons.

Gene Conserved Domains

InterPro provides functional analysis of proteins by classifying them into families and predicting domains and important sites. If we click on one of the IDs, for example the first one for domain 1, we get information about its classification image below - Class: Download Read more.

Convinced with the Update point.

Protein Domains and Domain Classification

You can also use InterProScan with nucleic acids. SBASE is a collection of protein domain sequences collected from the literature, from protein sequence databases and from genomic databases Vlahovicek et al, 2002.

what constitutes a protein domain search

The Pfam database is a large collection of protein families, each represented by multiple sequence alignments and hidden Markov models HMMs. PROSITE consists of documentation entries describing protein domains, families and functional sites as well as associated patterns and profiles to identify them.

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Each family and subfamily is also represented as a hidden Markov model HMM , which can be used to classify new sequences to an existing subfamily. Scientific Calculator. The site allows users to study the clustering as well as its qualities. Dear community, I'm interested in retrieving deep homologies for a number of genes that belong t... Web services documentation. Try DOUTfinder analysis of your protein, which will you help evaluate the subsignificant domain hits when other databases have failed.

I have a list of fusion proteins that contain domains similar to known enzymes; however, other po... As an example, the figure below shows two proteins, one contains one domain hemoglobin , while the second has 3 domains pyruvate kinase. Try GenBeans: Blog Read more. Our process begins by constructing a database of protein segments that emerge in an all vs. Read more about InterPro.

what constitutes a protein domain search

A domain may be characterized by the following: