What are wheel weights made of

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You walk out into the shop and what are you looking for?

what are wheel weights made of

I've been paper patching them to good effect and good accuracy. All of this spells moderate to strong demand for tires in the OTR industry. Post Comment. Originally Posted by KYCaster. The law does not require distributors, suppliers, or manufacturers to exchange lead wheel weights with compliant wheel weights, but you can contact your distributor or manufacturer for more information about what to do with your noncompliant lead wheel weights.

In 2009, it looked like lead wheel weights were destined to become a tire shop memory.

what are wheel weights made of

I have to think that even though they are softer than clip ons, they are still better than pure. I'm about to buy new tires for 2 of my vehicles so I need to do a little research.

Frequently Asked Questions for Lead Wheel Weights

However, if lead wheel weights are removed from a tire for any reason prior to sale, the old lead wheel weight cannot be placed back on the tire. Since that test I haven't bothered to separate them from the CO. Of the three materials used for wheel weights, lead is more malleable and denser than steel and zinc.

I also separated the stick-ons to make a batch of pure lead.

Wheel Weight Update: Lead Wheel Weights are Still Here... in Most States

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what are wheel weights made of

Lead wheel weights should be recycled; recycling facilities can be found in the yellow pages. Used Lead has been classified as hazardous waste and has a sky high disposal fee, tax added on to it.

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