The whole armour of god study

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the whole armour of god study

The helmet of salvation protects us against discouragement, against the desire to give up, giving us hope not only in knowing that we are saved, but that we will be saved. Markus Barth wrote, "We conclude that by principalities and powers Paul means the world of axioms and principles of politics and religion, of economics and society, of morals and biology, of history and culture.

On the shoes: Paul reinforced this idea with a reference to Deuteronomy 5: Instead of picturing the army of the church seeking out and attacking some kind of demonic fortress, we are to have the idea that Jesus illustrated in His ministry.

the whole armour of god study

Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity. In the same way, many confused Christians have fled naked and ashamed when challenged by the enemy because they had not secured the belt of truth. The answer lies not in ourselves, but in a divine and unbeatable defense: She first wrote The Armor of God Bible study in 2015 and now she is excited to share this updated and adapted version with you.

The whole armor of God – what is it?

The same idea is communicated by Jesus in Luke 12: One evening, we were making a final attempt to teach a determined 11-year-old camper to ski barefoot. It was the place where the city life was planned, organized, strategized. Wearing the breastplate could mean the difference between life and death. Lesson 9: We must be committed front-line commandos.

the whole armour of god study

The purpose for this shield of faith was to deflect the fiery darts of the enemy and prevent them from ever making contact. However, talking about faith is not the same as having it.

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might: When people are born again, their life changes and they become harder workers and less wasteful, and they are blessed thereby and become prosperous. We can no sooner battle against spiritual enemies in our own righteousness than a soldier can effectively fight without his breastplate.

The Armor of God - Bible Study Book

Develop a personalized strategy to promptly put the enemy in his place. In Stock. We express the strength we have in God by standing against the wiles of the devil. Paul concludes the letter as he began it, with reference to grace and peace , two essential cornerstones for the Christian life.

the whole armour of god study

Square — [Jhn 1: Compromise Conformity and Courage. Our spiritual lives and future in God's Kingdom are on the line. It's in this sense that Jesus speaks of the gates of Hades.