The associates four capitalists who created california

Good Writing: The great mansions in San Francisco disappeared in the 1906 earthquake.

The Associates

It describes how they left their families and loved ones for money to support them. Rayner portrays Stanford as a blowhard and a bit of a wuss, mocked by the other Associates for his laziness. Lists with This Book.

the associates four capitalists who created california

In the course of doing so, they became wealthy beyond any measure——and to sustain their power, they lied, bribed, wh A true-life tale of ruthless ambition, staggering greed, and the making of a nation. New technologies appeared, life began to move at an alarmingly fast pace, Wall Street boomed, fortunes were made overnight, the media was scurrilous and partisan, and companies began to manipulate the political environment to suit their monetary goals, introducing marketing spin and advertising into the mix.

the associates four capitalists who created california

The book touches on the extensive corruption used to get things done. Echoes of today's headlines and stories. On one hand, it is a fantastic example of corporate greed, bribery, and public swindling at perhaps an unprecedented scale.

Although quite interesting, it almost reads like a paean to the avarice and ruthlessness of Collis Huntington, one of The Associates.

This book is about the Big Four, or as they preferred to be called, The Associates who completed the first transcontinental railroad in the U.

Four Capitalists Who Created California and Their Epic Drive for Money

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The Associates: Four Capitalists Who Created California

It's a great story about private fortune gained at public expense. Feb 18, 2009 Rob rated it really liked it.

the associates four capitalists who created california

Richard Rayner's "The Associates" makes the same claims, only on a more intimate scale: This review originally ran in the San Francisco Chronicle: It did make me want to do further reading. Still a decent book. Original Title. I even learned a thing or two; my favorite being the the idea of a spite fence, like the one Charles Crocker built on Nob Hill.