Suzy berhow and arin hanson wedding cake

Also, Jean still posts about her parents or at least her dad on ig. There are plenty that don't like Jon. Why the hell is she with Snoozy?? I've seen that pic that's 'Suzy' playing her 3ds and 'Arin' eating her out??

From behind the stage I could hear them testing some music as well, the thumping of the bass was way too pronounced. Okay that's too easy.

suzy berhow and arin hanson wedding cake

I'd expect Suzy to say some dumb shit like that. Cus even if those outfits do loom like garbage she at least puts her understanding if effort in them and is obviously confident enough to film her in them.

They always depict Suzy as some rail thin super model, when they waste no time drawing Arin in all his chintastic glory despite the fact that she has more chins than he does at this point.

The channel's most recent video was uploaded in March 2013, so it's likely that Suzy either decided to stop making cartoons on the channel or has the channel put on an indefinite hiatus due to not being able to find time.

suzy berhow and arin hanson wedding cake

It's not that she likes multiple things, it's that she believes she's amazing at all of them. He left a tenured solid as fuck job so he could gamble with a kid keep in mind his future on a shitty 'band' that only got famous cause dan decided to fill in a spot on a couch. She must have the spellcheck off on her phone.

Didn't she make a tweet about how she wouldn't go to cons and stuff like this anymore because of "muh anxiety". He can do whatever he wants. She's still utter shit at the game. Being friends with someone doesn't mean you have to be a huge suckhole, Ethan; you can have differing opinions and disagree with one another.

And she hadn't even played the fucking games. She is so god damn insecure. I'm must be like super important! The thing that truly gets to alot of us is that she doesnt even admit shes garbage at the games, she cant make fun of herself and show any self awareness. Like a nice sentiment for the fans without diving straight into specific political stuff.

Why does she think people want to know such intimate details about her health?

suzy berhow and arin hanson wedding cake

I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate it if people made fun of her like that for liking video games or anime. It's a good thing I've wheeze lost so much weight or this would go straight to my thighs!

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His tweets about the Womens' March ended with him saying 'you people', so there is some you agaisnt me mentality in play. There is no way she would be caught dead wearing this in public without getting laughed at. I'm so confused by it.