Sql anywhere web services


Search this blog... The "Value of column 'Body'" dialog box will open.

sql anywhere web services

Have you ever found yourself copying code from brief Help topics, terse tutorials and concise examples without really understanding how that code works or even what it's doing? Click here to view and discuss this page in DocCommentXchange. Even common scripting languages such as Perl and Python provide access to web services. Chance, Jan.

sql anywhere web services

The four "Listings" are stored together in one separate file so just jump to "Listing 1" and print what you see. SOAP provides a method for communication, using the Internet, between applications such as those written in Java or a Microsoft.

sql anywhere web services

Assuming SQL Anywhere 16 has been installed, from the Command Prompt execute the following commands, enabling the web service with the -xs database server switch:.

No comments: More effective ways to get data won't be found here, you have to go at least one level up. First, gathering raw HTML ain't the most effective way to get data from other people's web services.

sql anywhere web services

ASIN to customize the URL when the procedure is called, and it returns a two-column multi-row result set instead of a single string. Connect to the demo. Subscribe via FeedBurner...

Reed's a good guy, I'm not blaming him, and at least the samples have line breaks: The port-number must match the port number used when you started the web server.

When using these syntax properties simultaneously, the path-name format must be used first followed by the url-query format. OK, fine, I'll talk to the hotel staff... The IN parm1 line defines the parameter name, and! In other words, out of scope, sorry: Typically, the content of these pages is generated by procedures that you write and store in your database, although they can be a single statement or, optionally, allow users to execute statements of their own.

Here's a demo: This TestWebService web service calls a procedure that explicitly references the url1 and url2 host variables. Here is the other article that Reed's article refers to but doesn't link to...

The host-name can be the IP address of the computer running the web server.

sql anywhere web services

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