Riddling app walkthrough whats that drawing

Open this drawer and take the model clock face. Spin the left dial until the lamp in the background turns on. Lara is unable to reach the nest just like that. Use this to complete the compass, like above. Find Differences: Secret admirer nr.

The Curse Game Walkthrough

Difficulty level Exploration Sneaking Combat. Take the wooden model piece from inside. Any tips for strategy? Then twist it and use your eyepiece to go inside.

The Room Walkthrough

Hello — I keep trying to replicate this solution and run into errors where there is no heart in the slot the solution says it should be in. Im stuck in the boxes!!! Regicide Walkthrough The Unseen Fears: Spin the dial in the front latch to unlock the box and take out the lens.

Pop the clock face onto the model clock tower. Please HELP! Where is Level 58: All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

The Room 3 walkthrough - complete puzzle guide for Chapter 1 and 2

Investigate the panel on the door. Draw the line 1 Divide into pairs of red and yellow. No problem Shelley, glad your issue is resolved. Where to upgrade Lara's gear?

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Pinch on screen to zoom in or out. With the selector on the first letter, twist dials 9 and 8 to highlight the letter P. Then spin the cross shaped handle so the pointer points at the three highlighted symbols as shown on the underside of the helmet's plaque. And thanks for oeildecat sharing. Spin it until the church pops out of the table. Burn the rope 5? Facebook Twitter Youtube Google-plus. Can you help?