Ravensbourne college interview what to wear

10 ways to nail your college interview

Hungry for more interview tips? Please read the rules before joining the discussion. When most people think of the stereotypical "college student," a particular image comes to mind: Every student has a unique background and story, and most students apply to different schools for different reasons. But the above mentioned are very basic rules which are very commonly expected by most of the interviewers around the world.

ravensbourne college interview what to wear

Which One Grabs Recruiter Attention? Women have plenty of options when coming to shoes. Why are you interested in this subject? Related articles.

ravensbourne college interview what to wear

Specific course requirements Not all our courses ask you for a portfolio or showreel although most will. Make sure you clearly label all your work, because we will sometimes look at it before we interview you. Make sure you have a nice hair cut which suits you and check for dandruff too as it might show of on your shoulders if you wear a dark color.

University interview tips for a fashion design degree course

Though this level of dress may not be necessary in every interview situation, it can show that you are a serious, caring and mature student candidate. Be prepared to discuss your ideas and what you hope to achieve by studying on the course. Male vs Female Leadership: Do your homework before the interview and review the list of most common job interview mistakes to improve your interview technique.

It is good to avoid hot pinks and red shades. Amy explains that your portfolio of designs and fashion-related work is the most important part of your interview, as it will show who you are and what your interests are.

ravensbourne college interview what to wear

Search for... You can usually get away with what you wear to class as long as you add a tailored touch, like a cardigan over your cotton shirt.

How to Dress for an College Interview: Tips for Men & Woman

Cancel Send. Again, pick what you feel most comfortable in: Check out our advice on what not to do.

ravensbourne college interview what to wear

If you had a semester where you struggled more than others or if there is something specific that you want to convey about your academic background, this is the place to do it.

Anything that says a bit about who you are. The interviewer also wants to hear you talk honestly about your choices and achievements. So, you've made a good first impression by dressing well, and sending a post-interview thank you note is a great way to make a good last impression, too.

University Interview Dress Code

Ravensbourne works with a number of competitive accommodation providers to offer students a home whilst studying with us. While you're getting ready for Fresher's Week, remember to sort out the practical sides of starting uni as well. Research the course you're applying for, identify the main area of work and base a larger portion of your showreel around that.