Queen latifah super bowl 2010 whole games

Kudos also to quarterback Drew Brees for all his plays and what a touching moment seeing him with his nearly year-old boy at the end. Save 8 mins.

queen latifah super bowl 2010 whole games

During the game, witnessed by what may have been as many as 800 million people on television worldwide according to CNN, the Saints played almost without error. Zapiro Tues-Thurs. See All Newsletters. Himself - Game Analyst Scott Fujita...

It is actually my favorite sport to watch, used to be basketball, but football is such a short season and they go so hard every week and the wild cards, the playoffs. First Name. Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Prince and more. Removing advertising from your browsing experience is one of them - we don't just block ads, we redesign our pages to look smarter and load faster. While not quite a "state of mind", it is a mindset: Meanwhile, as game time approached, millions of fans and would-be viewers across the Northeastern US had been worried their television reception via cable would be blacked-out by a major snowstorm that was snapping connection cables due to the added weight of the wet snow — and thousands quickly reinstalled old-style antennas across the Northeast to watch the game on the CBS TV network instead.

A list of Super Bowl halftime shows

And I lived there once. Every year, we see an incredible amount of people tune in to check out what the featured artist has planned for the Super Bowl halftime show. The greatest benefit of all besides inner peace?

queen latifah super bowl 2010 whole games

Rate This. For the artists who play the halftime show at the Super Bowl , they're entertaining an audience that is exponentially bigger than any they've ever encountered.

He's certainly got his work cut out for him after last year's epic Laga Gaga performance. This year, the US Government even advertised during the game on behalf of the decennial census to encourage people to fill out their census forms rather than require the government to revisit homes and spend a lot more money to achieve the fullest possible census participation.

queen latifah super bowl 2010 whole games

Lady Gaga's halftime performance a year ago was credited with 117. For a while, it looked like the Indianapolis Colts with their quarterback Peyton Manning-incidentally, the son of former New Orleans Saints player Archie Manning-would score big as our Crescent City team fumbled in the first quarter.

New Orleans Saints, sentimental favourites, win the 44th Super Bowl

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queen latifah super bowl 2010 whole games

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