Ola is hello in what language

How To Say “Hello” In 40 European Languages!

Say hello in Gibberish: Germany, Austria and Switzerland 4. Say hello in Tarifit: Say hello in Indonesian: Tamil informal. Say hello in Dioula: Hello in Dutch is goedendag , pronounced choodendach ch as in loch, but more voiced , or simply "hallo". A more informal way to say hello is ongaipi? Fijian is an Austronesian language spoken in Fiji. Africa Asia Oceania Europe Americas. Method 4.

Say hello in Tetum: Portuguese Brazilian. Arabic Moroccan. Flag as...

ola is hello in what language

However this word is not used as often as it is in English. Hello in Malayalam is namaskkaram.

ola is hello in what language

Bar bolunguz! Say hello in Chinese: Other common, though more informal, ways to say hello are mar-ha-ban" and ahlan.

ola is hello in what language

More informal ways to say hello are shwmae , pronounced "shoe-my" used in South Wales and sut mae , pronounced "sit my" used in North Wales. This word also means "good".

How to say ‘Hello’ in 20 Languages

Say hello in Ung Tongue: Assalom aleykum! Say hello in Oshikwanyama differs depending on whether you are saying hello to a male or female.

ola is hello in what language

Afro-Asiatic Languages These languages are spoken in North Africa and include the Berber languages spoken by desert nomads of the Sahara. Learn more.