Namibia where desert meets waterfall

We also search out smaller animal life that manages to survive in these harsh conditions such as snakes, geckos, spiders, and insects to learn how they have adapted to this arid region. GO NOW. Call 0800 440 2551. Explore the town's unique mix of German and African culture and opt to visit curio shops, the museum and restaurants.

namibia where desert meets waterfall

The site is thought to hold the largest concentrations of Bushman engravings in Africa, with over 2500 figures, ranging from 2000-5000 years old. Take a deep breath to fill your lungs with the impossibly clean air here — and fill your soul with the legendary Kiwi spirit.

Day 20 Hwange National Park 1B, 1L, 1D Take a full-day wildlife safari drive in the park which is home to large elephant herds, lions, and the rare African wild dog.

Southern Africa: Desert, Wildlife & Falls

The mist off Victoria Falls can rise to a height of more than 400m 1312 ft. Wake up before the sun around 5am and sip your morning coffee before heading out on a morning wildlife safari drive.

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The Skeleton Coast Where the Desert Meets the Ocean (PHOTOS)

Plane 2. Related Trips. Visit the local market, an arts-and-crafts shop, and a tavern before heading to a nearby home for dinner and entertainment. Carnivore Conservation Experience Transport: Spend 12 days exploring the North and South Islands of this small country packed with wonders.

Kruger, Victoria Falls & Namibia

Get to Colombia before the rest of the world catches on. Meet with someone from the research team and learn about their work and projects in the area.

namibia where desert meets waterfall

Wifi is available in most places extra charge may apply , but in remote areas there can be service interruptions.

Discover Colombia, a corner of South America that is once again becoming a must-see destination. Optional activities include sandboarding, or if you're feeling brave, skydiving.

namibia where desert meets waterfall