Mediacrooks twitter hacked what to do

RahulGandhi RaGa.

mediacrooks twitter hacked what to do

In fact, as someone pointed out, what kind of justice did this guy deliver as a judge? This Pappu gets tution from a galaxy of crooks,Sibal,Jairam,Church fellows,so on still can't improve. We should not wait any further and send him to jail right away lest he run away like the italian marines. So Narendra Modi is supposed to protect Twitter accounts.

mediacrooks twitter hacked what to do

Like the ranting Congis, journos are not very bright people on digital issues and they keep giving us proof all the time. It also said it's an eye opener for Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

mediacrooks twitter hacked what to do

The haste to hog the limelight seemed to have landed him in the pitfall. Modi has cooled off some of the common man's anger with demonetis.... What baffles and I refuse to accept me is the fact that justice katju does not know this basic fact.

Moreover, the way bubbles form and eventually burst clearly shows that the collective mind of the masses has a short term memory.

Shrikant N Shenoy March 24, 2013 10: After going through the article, think there is a urgent need to seriously review all the judgments made by Katju as Supreme Court Judge. To say that both these gentlemen are celebrities would be an understatement. But as usual it will boomerang and hurt only their pappu and congress.

For sure, there are other political heavy-weights secretly pulling strings in Delhi and Mumbai.

That would mean more digital transactions. Cyber security comes into focus only when India is moving to a digital and cashless economy?

mediacrooks twitter hacked what to do

Ever seen a straight Banana? PCK is the most apt acronym to describe him indeed - for this perfectly rhymes with what sane, nationalists would like to call him.

Rahul Gandhi's Twitter Account Hacked. Here's How Internet Reacted

Ever read anything more idiotic and silly? Because most of the films are financed by underworld and the people who extract money from society will pay honestly to Actors!! Our politicians and journos are a bunch of weirdos when their darling party is out of power. On the Bollywood actors Hero Heroines getting paid in Crors i would like to clarify as follow - We have heard stories of actors coming lateon their film shoots, but have you ever heard any actor coming late for Stage Shows or Ad shoots??

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