Man from nowhere dvd review

The Man From Nowhere Trailer - Reaction and Review

Kim Sae-ron as So-mi. The Walking Dead.

man from nowhere dvd review

The pace is slow at times and the initial setup is quite long, which in turn contributes to a total run time that approaches two hours, but the film's final 40 minutes delivers with thrills and satisfaction. If I were a nit-picky film nerd, I might be inclined to note that at no point does our protagonist Tae-Sik Cha Bin Won wield two handguns at once. Later he recognises Kay in Blackstone Hill but he just lets him go about his nefarious business, which ultimately results in the deaths of Dolores and many of the town's other citizens.

man from nowhere dvd review

But other sections feature quite extreme violence that is executed in both cruel and casual ways Gordo likes to wound his victims and point out the errors of their ways before finishing them off and many innocent townsfolk die needlessly when Gordo's men pull the bank job and then ransack the town. The interested parties here do represent a good Pat, Tommy, Pink and the few men who are loyal to them , bad the bandit Pedro Butch and his gang and ugly Chasquido and his men trio of sorts and the untrustworthy Chasquido is the man who is making it his business to trick the others into entering into a number of sham deals and untrustworthy partnerships.

The Man From Nowhere

Stuart Brooks Super Reviewer. Add Article. Johnny himself is Bond-like in his ability to physically assault Samantha when the situation demands it.

man from nowhere dvd review

The film plays like Lupo was simply intent on producing a solid, entertaining and action-packed Western and I'd say that he succeeded. Release List.

man from nowhere dvd review

Luke Baldock Super Reviewer. A sadistic bandit, Gordo Fernando Sancho , expands his gang by organizing jailbreaks and press-ganging the escapees into joining up with him. But Johnny isn't interested in bounty killing or reward money.

man from nowhere dvd review

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The Man From Nowhere DVD review

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