Logan 10 lathe specs howard

Logan 10 Lathe

Significantly different to the smaller models the headstock assembly was fitted with a much more substantial, hardened and ground spindle - although this was also used by the 11" lathe, but in a lighter assembly. The original motor is a 3-pH by is in storage. A tight sliding fit in the headstock the front bearing was held to the spindle by a threaded ring with as it is built in no externally-applied preload necessary. Of traditional American pattern the ground-finish bed had two raised Vs and two flats, the saddle ran on one V and one flat - the tailstock on the other V and flat.

The 16-speed underdrive version had a slightly different range which, on lathes built from the early 1950s, covered: The best part about this is that no disassembly of headstock is required to install this belt and belt has an... Wipers are sold in sets of 4 and are...

logan 10 lathe specs howard

Logan Technical Literature is available. Lightest of the 11" lathes for bench mounting weighed 505 lbs while the heaviest, on the cabinet stand, turned the scales at 890 lbs. Originally Posted by challenger.

logan 10 lathe specs howard

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logan 10 lathe specs howard

Why not use the pulley that would give the highest rpm needed for a workpiece diameter or general speed range with the OEM motor? A Sheldon R series, is a serious lathe..

VFD rated means.. This part is in good condition. Whilst the headstock assembly looked, externally, to be almost identical to that used on the 10" lathe it appears to have been fitted with the much more substantial, hardened and ground spindle from the larger lathes of the range. At this sort of size and capacity, an L-00 series or Camlock spindle nose fitting would have been preferred, but that extra-cost option was restricted to the 14" lathe.

Plain apron and changewheel screwcutting - Model 9B28-61 Powered apron and changewheels - Model 9B28-41 Plain apron and screwcutting gearbox - Model 9B9B28-21 Powered apron and screwcutting gearbox - Model 9B28-1 In the case of the 17" between centres lathes the model designations were identical - but with the figure 17 substituted for 28.

logan 10 lathe specs howard

There are limits to how slow and how fast you can directly drive the motor, so by experimenting you'll find the pulley step that works well for most of what you do. Originally Posted by abarnsley. These lathes can take cuts that will slow even that thing down. Supplied with each 12" lathe was a driver plate, two No.