Inula graveolens essential oil wholesale

Steam Distilled Distillation Date: Blends Well With: Inula graveolens Country of Origin: Wildcrafted Extraction Method: Blending Oils. Add to Gift Registry.

Inula Essential Oil

Bulk CO2 extracts. Safe use of oils. Never use an essential oil undiluted unless advised by your health care provider and certified aromatherapist. Inula graveolens Method of extraction: Pure aromatherapy for those who prefer quality. Feb 2015.

inula graveolens essential oil wholesale

Sample Product. Essential Oil Safety: How To Use Hydrosols Testimonials.


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inula graveolens essential oil wholesale

Email Subscribe. Inula is known as one of the most powerful aids in both upper and lower respiratory tract ailments. Please, log in or register. Extraction methods. Fragrant oils 4 oz.

inula graveolens essential oil wholesale