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Yes Interpol are still together and yes they have a new album and yes they will be playing a song from that album this evening.

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This new U2 stuff sounds good. Michael Cragg Tue 21 Oct 2014 22. Well hello there.

interpol jools holland anywhere

The beautiful voice of Sam Smith bbcmusic bbclater samsmith live music bbctwo tomorrow 10pm … http: Executive Producer. Loading comments… Trouble loading? More from.

interpol jools holland anywhere

Only time will tell. Facebook Twitter. Spot the difference... Dave and indeed Phil used to be a band called Blasters and recently released an album of songs by Big Billy Broonzy. For that reason alone it will go down as one of my more enjoyable ones.

No guitar riffs.

interpol jools holland anywhere

Episode 7 — Series 45. Can we get a picture of a bald Sam please.

interpol jools holland anywhere

Again, very smart. Brothers Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin from California's seminal band The Blasters get together for the first time in almost 30 years to play tribute acoustically to blues legend Big Bill Broonzy with songs from their album Common Ground.

interpol jools holland anywhere

Updated at 10. But nice nonetheless.

Later...with Jools Holland: U2, Sam Smith, Interpol - as it happened

Dave Alvin and Phil Alvin! Sam Smith! In fact my favourite Sam Smith songs are the ones that are upbeat, i. LaterJools — Mick Convey nalaknip October 21, 2014. BBC offering a free download from U2. Interpol killing it in sound check bbcmusic live music tomorrow bbctwo 10pm interpol amazing http: