How to use hi dow painpod

Whether you simply want to enjoy life without constant aches and pain or you want to train and compete at your best performance and recovery levels, the same freedom is now available to you. When used in conjunction with your HiDow device, you can address temporary relief from migraines, muscle pain, and more. Highly recommend this product.

TENS & EMS Technology

Focuses on hypertension and stress and helps break down lactic acid pockets in your muscles and joints. It puts enough pressure on it to break it down and release any acidic lactic content within.

how to use hi dow painpod

By simulating an alpha wave in the brain it has been known to help sleep patterns, behavior, and endorphin release. I highly recommend the PainPod.

how to use hi dow painpod

The XPV ticked all the right boxes. Not happy at all. Take off the gel pads. X Choose Your Country: Provides an alternating pulse combining two popular massage modes for effective pain relief and massage.

how to use hi dow painpod

Pad placement chart. The TENS unit is generally very safe and relief is almost immediate.

I was injured in a horse accident as a young child and suffer from chronic back and hip pain. Yesterday I walked down a small flight of stairs with such ease. Muscular Warm Up: By tapping the muscle you are increasing the bodies natural blood flow and oxygen supply to targeted area. This mode is designed to stimulate muscles, release tension and promote overall well being through simulating an all embracing massage.

How to use

Do not purchase from this company. You should also avoid it if you have the following: What we did not know was how important this little device would be for me. The AcuKnee Wrap is comfortable and re-usable with adjustable velcro strap.

Mode 5- Cupping: As demands for effective natural alternatives to medication increase, the new PainPod range brings natural to the body effective pain relief, recovery and performance benefit to pro-sports, athletes, fitness enthusiasts and anyone, at any age, wanting a pain free lifestyle. Mode 9- Reflexology: Mode 17: