How to use easystroke gesture recognition software

The calling method is frequently used commands implemented in Easystroke allows to simplify and expedite the work on the computer. The next time you draw a similar stroke again with Easystroke running the configured action will be executed automatically.

Easystroke – gesture-recognition software

And for many, it may seem very convenient... In easystroke, click the Actions tab and click the button to "Add Action". From the menu, start easystroke. This is the mouse button that you hold down whilst making the gesture.

Add gesture recognition to Ubuntu 12.04 with Easystroke Gesture Recognition Software

Cinnamon edition. Note also the time delays in xdotool usage; it's a bit hacky and you might need to change it. Hold the "Gesture Button" down as per your mental note from the Preferences section and draw the gesture on the screen.

how to use easystroke gesture recognition software

Originally created to work with Tablet PCs, it can be used equally well with a mouse or even your fingers if you have a touch-sensitive screen and your Linux distro allows its use! Add to this the fact that you can run custom scripts via the command line and you have a truly indispensable tool at your hands. With the action row selected, click the "Record Stroke" button to record the gesture that will activate this command.

This is a brief tutorial of how to get it up and running in Ubuntu with some basic, useful examples of gestures. Xfce edition. In easystroke, click the Preferences tab and make a mental note of the "Gesture Button" and optionally change it. To draw the gestures in the app, " default " , use the middle mouse button.

Vap - application for layout and print images.

Easystroke - recognition software is mouse gestures

Qt Creator - excellent integrated development environment. Your working environment Other polls. For these we can make use of wmctrl and xdotool. Adding Actions In this example we shall run gnome-terminal with a mouse gesture.

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I am an avid user of mouse gestures. Recent site activity. I drew a letter "T" to remind me it's going to run the gnome-terminal. Easystroke is integrated in the system tray , when you turn on the computer being added to the startup starts tracking the mouse movement and when detected, to perform the corresponding gesture commands.

how to use easystroke gesture recognition software

Next up, you need to create gestures and configure them to run custom commands. Name Type Details Prev Window.

how to use easystroke gesture recognition software