How to upload documents to weebly student

how to upload documents to weebly student

This app allows you to collect files but you would need another way to display on your site. I'm not aware of any other app that does all of this in one but I hope my suggestion will work for you!

I could use the file upload tool. View All. Top Kudoed Authors. Keep in mind you will never be done and this web page development is a constant evolution. Do you have such a button or an app? It has easy to use tools that will help you make a professional looking webpage that can contain many elements.

Weebly for Education

Here are some important announcements. Thank you in advance, Chrys. Top Tags. Adam on: You say the 'normal file upload element' should be available in all plans, but I cannot find it in the Build section of the editor.

Help Center search does not return any documentation on it.

Weebly is now unblocked for all students and staff. Simply add a 'File Upload' element to your form in order to enable this.

how to upload documents to weebly student

Our sites requires larger files so my many of our users are giving up thinking the upload is not working. Begin planning for the web page and writing using Word before you even login to the web site building tool. Create an option to add a file while purchasing an item in the store to customize their product.

If you currently have used that element you will need to remove any of those elements ASAP. Build form that includes contact information and file upload.

Option to have customers upload a file in product section or during checkout. Make it easier to add your own font that you've pu...

how to upload documents to weebly student

I've been with Weebly a couple of years and I can't believe this option still has not taken place. It also allows you to purchase your own domain and these opportunities come up often in the editor. We have only gotten approval for the free versions so do not opt for the professional account.

how to upload documents to weebly student

Students access their Weebly site by going to https: Option to have customers upload a file in product... Turn on suggestions.