How to tighten up drum brakes

Remove the cable completely by pulling the round nipple from the lever. Improper lifting of a vehicle can result in serious harm or even death.

how to tighten up drum brakes

As the lever is released, the cable will come out of the adjuster housing. A light to moderate normal brake application in reverse is all it takes to self-adjust. The statements expressed above are only for informational purposes and should be independently verified.

how to tighten up drum brakes

Adjusting the free play on the rod is achieved by rotating a winged nut at the wheel end of the brake rod. Turn the adjuster back one click setting at a time until you can spin the wheel freely; a slight sound as the shoes touch a high spot inside the drum is permissible. Join for free. Related Topics Powered by System1. Step 3: DavidKelly 2011-07-08 20: To facilitate maintenance or brake adjustment, you should always place the bike onto its center stand where fitted.

How to Adjust Drum Brakes

No adjustment is possible. While pressing on brake pedal, car accelerated Hi there, gladly you are okay after your accident.

how to tighten up drum brakes

This article covers the adjustment process for drum brakes of the star wheel type. On some cars of yesteryear at least, slamming on the brakes while backing up tightens the shoes against the drums.

How Drum Brakes Work

Leave the jack in place as a safety measure to provide extra support for your vehicle. Related Articles.

how to tighten up drum brakes

After a slight stiffness for part of a turn, it should spin freely. Test drive your vehicle. Repeat the adjustment on the other wheel or wheels of the car as necessary to ensure braking balance. With the vehicle lifted safely and secured, it is time to remove the tires.