How to tell authentic louis vuitton wallets

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Easy Louis Vuitton Bag Authentication Guide

Consider the logo. LV bags do not have serial numbers, and that is what puts them apart from a lot of brands, plus it is easy to identify a fake. Like New Item is like new with very slight signs of use. If a seller's product description makes you hesitant to purchase the item, trust your instinct.

I still don't know if my bag is real or fake because I can't find it anywhere, but all the little details except the code are there.

how to tell authentic louis vuitton wallets

Check the date code. Many sellers on peer-to-peer ecommerce websites know their items are fake, but since it's illegal to sell counterfeit goods, they will list the items at a "reasonable" price, but not disclose that the item is counterfeit.

How To Spot A Fake Louis Vuitton: 10 Questions to Ask

Pratima Ati July 19, 2018. If a bag can be copied, surely a piece of paper can, as well.

how to tell authentic louis vuitton wallets

Know the market value of the bag you're after. Follow Us.

Is Your Louis Vuitton Handbag Authentic Or Fake?

Yes, I had no clue either and lived with that regret for a long time. Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Girls. Also, Louis Vuitton uses hardware of the highest quality, which is invariably strong, heavy, and sturdy.

how to tell authentic louis vuitton wallets

It is helpful to have these answered so I do not try to sell a fake for a large amount of money. A Anonymous Sep 23, 2017.

Even at the crevices of the handle tabs, the number of stitches on the bag are exact on both the sides of the handles. Then it probably is. Researching and knowing if the seller is legitimate may be enough to guaranty a purse's authenticity. DU2058 stands for Made in Germany in the 25th week of 2008.