How to run a tempo run workout

What Exactly Is a Tempo Run?

Running as fast as you can for as long as you can every day rarely leads to personal bests and instead leads to injury and overtraining. Remember, the one real requirement of tempo running is that you stick to a steady, specific, planned pace.

how to run a tempo run workout

Read more. Some of the most famous training methods include tempo runs, intervals and fartleks. April 21, 2016 at 2: Click here to learn more.

how to run a tempo run workout

Using his famous VDOT formula which measures your running ability , Daniels suggests what pace and intensity you should be training at in order to run stronger, longer and faster. As you run faster and faster, your body uses less of your aerobic system and more of your anaerobic system that produces energy through glycolysis, essentially the fermenting of the muscles that produces the byproduct lactic aid.

how to run a tempo run workout

Tempo intervals allow an athlete to put in a significant amount of time at the anaerobic threshold with less of a strain on the body than a consistent tempo run. The recovery is kept to a short 60-90 seconds and the repetitions are generally longer. What if you could push that mud pit farther and farther away so that you barely touched the beginning of it as you were crossing the finish line?

Beyond that you have many options. One week you may run a 40 minute tempo effort and the following week you may run 4 x 10 minutes at the same tempo effort with a few minutes of rest in between these intervals.

Tempo run, fartlek, intervals – all the same?

With consistent repetition, you can improve your LT and its corresponding heart rate—meaning you can put your body under more aerobic stress before the signs of fatigue start to seep in. Was this post helpful?

how to run a tempo run workout

Fartlek is a particularly great training method if you like to learn how to finish strong a race. Production and clearance levels are the same, lactate levels are steady and that dreaded dead-leg feeling stays at bay.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tempo Runs

Love your stuff. Strength Running. The higher your aerobic threshold, the faster and longer you can run before crossing the line into anaerobic metabolism, a zone that cannot be sustained for a long period of time. Not a RunnersConnect Master member?

how to run a tempo run workout