How to raise revenue without raising taxes

Cap deductions on high-income taxpayers.

We're Going to Need More Tax Revenue. Here's How to Raise It.

Governments, however, have a different approach. The opinions expressed in this column are that of the writer.

how to raise revenue without raising taxes

The Economic Times. Photo Credit: The facts and opinions expressed here do not reflect the views of www. For every person who previously tried to order a mimosa with brunch at a restaurant in Raleigh or Charlotte, only to be denied; and every Sunday morning foursome hoping to improves their games on the back nine with help of an order bloodies at the turn, only to be rejected, the state was leaving money on the table in the form of forgone sales and excise tax revenue.

From left, Senators Debbie Stabenow, Elizabeth Warren, Charles Schumer, and Mark Warner, prepare for a news conference in the Capitol's senate studio to call on Congressional Republicans to "support tax loophole closures that have been embraced by GOP presidential candidates to help finance a budget agreement this fall," September 17, 2015.

There are a lot of people out there who were born on third yet think they hit a triple.

States Raise Revenue Without Raising Taxes By Repealing Arcane Alcohol Restrictions

This one is obvious and essential. The court ruled that the 1996 law was unconstitutional and that the primary purpose it served was to protect existing businesses from competition.

Much of the above is designed to close loopholes or minimize avoidance, typically by tweaking the existing system. They then try to increase revenues by raising taxes.

how to raise revenue without raising taxes

One way to raise a trillion dollars in federal revenue without raising taxes is to auction off television and radio station licenses instead of giving them away. Post to Twitter. As you might imagine, high-speed trading often hurts ordinary investors, can destabilize financial markets, and provides no useful information through price signals.

How to Raise Revenue without Raising Taxes

Current station owners would still own their broadcast facilities, so each would have a leg up in the competition to buy a segment of the broadcast spectrum. Protesters hold signs supporting a financial transaction tax by the U. Invest Now.

how to raise revenue without raising taxes

In other words, this is far from a radical reach. Radio and television licenses are given away for free, as they have been since the 1930s. Surely that would hurt growth, no? In a strongly growing country like India, tax buoyancy is high.

Broadly speaking, two things matter when it comes to the tax system: As you might expect, those two words mean different things to different people.

how to raise revenue without raising taxes