How to open beats wireless headphones

Be sure to be careful when disconnecting the connectors. On the right PCB look for a testpoint labeled 3V3.

how to open beats wireless headphones

After listening some music with wired connection, I concluded that the mute button isn't working. Putty knife Available for sale on Amazon.

Call Apple and ask for a repair. Case 1: Here are 2 things you can do: The Solo 2 wireless uses a lot of TI parts. Featured Document.

how to open beats wireless headphones

Share your repair story with ImAGenius. Ever fixed something? I tried to reset it by simultaneously pushing power button and mute button but it didn't work. You still have warranty: Add Comment. View Statistics: Step 7 PCB time R. Put the red probe there and the blak one on to the gold side.

Beats Solo 2 Wireless Teardown

The mute button itself: This teardown is not a repair guide. Ashley Member since: Does anyone know how to fix this ASAP? Select a Language: After that I tried Volume down and power button but that didn't work either. That sounds like a lose connection to the speaker.

how to open beats wireless headphones

Look at the wire that goes to the speaker if it's lose re tin the wire and solder it on to the terminal it came of. Past 24 Hours: Ashley and 2 other contributors.