How to make my 2011 wrx faster

I would expect around 10-20HP over an OTS map compared to a custom tune in most scenarios with stock turbos.

how to make my 2011 wrx faster

Warped the stock rotors almost immediately after the upgrades so make sure you have stopping power! Intake if you are going over 400 whp. So the first step was to get some baseline HP and Torque figures so we know what it came in with.

How to make a subaru fast, but cheap?

Sleeve the cylinders! Should I have gone larger? Check the intercooler to throttle body hose for leaks.

how to make my 2011 wrx faster

Because it is type of alcohol, it burns cooler but at much higher volume and has less stress on your vehicles internal components. Then why go larger?

how to make my 2011 wrx faster

Avoid the words bolt on too, because those applications usually dont do anything. Woundering how much this setup could cost including parts and the custom tuning and also sending my car to you guys?

Going from Stock to Stage 2+ on a 2011 Subaru WRX – Dyno Numbers

This installs in around 2-2. Not ebay invidia has very good stu. You'll put down 330ish awhp. Thanks guys much appreciated, great post!

10 Steps to Making More Power Out of your Subaru WRX

Learn how your comment data is processed. Very cheap for me,went catless and resonator at the end,just have to correct the check light,very nice rumble,power,not so loud!.

how to make my 2011 wrx faster

Related Questions. Is there really any difference? October 20, 2016 at 6: March 14, 2017 at 11: There are a few types of performance downpipes such as bellmouth, split bellmouth and divorced.

how to make my 2011 wrx faster

This is something to plan ahead if you are eventually going for a turbo upgrade and other supporting mods. Now for the conclusion we can look at the change from stock to how the car was finished with the new mods and new tune. And save for a good clutch and short shifter.