How to make fog machine remote

I was not able to figure out how one would break a circuit using this item.

how to make fog machine remote

And thanks for the correction on the isolation. All rights reserved.

Fogger Wireless Remote

Look at the end of the cable which plugs into your fog machine, and verify which parts of the plug are connected to the switch. The Got Fog web site www.

How to Set Up a Fog Machine

You can now plug the cable into your fog machine and try triggering it with your microcontroller. More by the author: If your microcontroller can turn the relay on and off, you've finished the first half.

how to make fog machine remote

Why am I taking this much trouble on this project? I didn't expect that two years later you would be able to buy these relay modules from ebay, built and with shipping, for less than the cost of the parts!

how to make fog machine remote

Hot Network Questions. The machine will not work until it is warmed up. The opto-isolation protects your low-voltage circuitry from the electrical noise made by the relay.

how to make fog machine remote

NiyiO1 2 years ago. The opto-isolator protects the microcontroller from the back EMF of the relay.

Control a Fog Machine With Your Microcontroller

Or maybe you are using the wrong fog fluid. These remotes allow you to set the intervals at which the fog machine will come on, how long that interval will last and the volume of fog to produce. The users who voted to close gave this specific reason: But the ones you can get at most party stores either come with a basic remote that means you have to push a button to get a blast of fog, or they have a remote with a built-in timer, which blasts fog all night every few moments...

Without it the fog machine will not work.

how to make fog machine remote

The relay will be mounted inside the project box. This a great Halloween decoration and is well documented!