How to make black pudding sauce

Shopping list. Might be just the thing after some blood pudding.

Mustard cream Sauce

Pat lightly with kitchen roll to remove any excess fat. Pile into glasses.

how to make black pudding sauce

Serves 2-3. Lightly fry the leeks in the butter and when cooked add the honey to sweeten. For a more robust alternative, use shredded and lightly cooked Savoy cabbage.

how to make black pudding sauce

Stir 1 teaspoon of salt into the blood. Mustard cream Sauce Posted on February 7, 2014 by anna-scaul.

Spiced pork loin with black pudding sauce, asparagus, and spiced January King cabbage

Preparation time overnight. We would like to thank Bord Bia for the provision of some of the photos and images used within this web site.

how to make black pudding sauce

I might make that one for the colder weather. Check the seasoning again and reserve. Follow BBC Food. I used a large red onion and added a head of garlic, put everything in the food processor.

Pork chops with black pudding and apple sauce

The browning of the cut edge also stops all the moisture - for which you can probably read fat - escaping. Add to collection. I can't pretend to make my own puff pastry - there's enough good stuff out there not to bother.

Fruit Food Meat recipes. I usually stop once it starts to feel heavy on the whisk and it will lie in soft folds. Recipes from this episode.

With black pudding, I took the idea and used it with black pudding, having one per piece for supper, with shredded cabbage and a little mustard sauce.