How to make a sneetches costume

Easy Sneetch Costume for Dr. Seuss Day or Halloween

The green felt is likely to be the cheapest part of the outfit, so having an extra to experiment with is a good idea. Seuss Day. She wanted to do a BFF costume with her friend and we came up with this Sneetches costume.

Seuss stories to all three of my children over and over and over again , but The Sneetches was always one of our favorites.

how to make a sneetches costume

Safety pin the craft fur to the shirt. Simple means no sewing- just cut and wear.

Tutorial: No-Sew Star-Bellied Sneetch Dr. Seuss Costume

Do you need a couples or BFF costume idea? The most difficult part is running to the store for t-shirts. Love this. And best of all, we whipped both costumes up in about 20 minutes. It is probably best to alternate the pins horizontally and vertically. This easy Dr. Hot dogs too messy. Yellow hard hat like here.

how to make a sneetches costume

Marshmallows on a stick can also make a nice prop. Making an easy Dr. Please try again. Use the existing collar to make the neck feathers. Did you make this project?

Easy Dr. Seuss Sneetches Costume

The costume goes together quickly. Put on the t-shirt, slip the neck feather on and then add the distinctive Dr.

how to make a sneetches costume

Giant Christmas Ornament Bobblehead Costume. Can also use wall hanging putty.

Coolest Homemade Sneetches Costumes

I think I can even make it. It's important to place the white fur above the collar line for a clean look. First name.

how to make a sneetches costume