How to make a byzantine chain necklace

Open all the remaining rings.

how to make a byzantine chain necklace

The other half of the clasp will attach through this ring. Optional - Clasp we suggest a lobster claw clasp. The instructions is not clear, need to take more pictures and add litle more explanation. If you do know box weave, however, think of the Byzantine as alternating box weave.

Byzantine Chain Maille

Probably overkill for people just beginning to weave, though. Sorry, this item is out of stock. Features Ergonomic.

how to make a byzantine chain necklace

I have pulled what I believe are the best, and I intend to keep the listing short. Step 3 Add a second open jump ring through the same four closed jump rings and divide the jump rings into pairs.

How to make Byzantine chain

Perfect Product Pairings. Once you determine your proposed AR, you can infer from the various photos whether your weave would be looser or tighter.

how to make a byzantine chain necklace

Add all available items to your cart at once or edit the quantities below. For many ring sizes, you can use chain, flat, bent or needle nosed pliers, but for some sizes you'll need specific ones. Step 10 Add a second jump ring in the same position.

how to make a byzantine chain necklace

And new background music! By ryzellon Follow. Step 4 Attach a paperclip or twist tie through the two end jump rings to make the chain easier to pick up and hang onto. D http: You can't make Byzantine into a sheet.

Byzantine Chainmail(le) Speed-weaving

Byzantine weave isn't actually Byzantine in origin, but it is a beautiful weave and is fairly simple. It is important to maintain this ratio, or the chain will either be too loose with the pattern spread out or so tight that the chain won't be flexible or worse: If you use a looser ring, you can actually prepare 2x2x2x2x2 units!

It is also possible to attach the end to a point somewhere else on the chain, too, to form a loop at one end or both.

how to make a byzantine chain necklace

Dragons, Crystals and Chainmaille: I Made It! Only registered members of FacetJewelry.

Byzantine necklace

Double the B. Grab an open ring, hook it on just like step 3 , toss on a new 2x2x2x2x2 unit. Or, you can triple the connector rings to tighten up the weave.