How to load 37mm shells

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37mm Load Data[1]

BB code is On. Never test fire flares in dry conditions. Our products are top of the line and offer maximum performance at a affordabale rate. If you have an unregistered 37MM flare launcher the first three loads are what you are limited to.

how to load 37mm shells

Triple F is more than sufficient for reloading 37mm casings. There are two sites or boards that a very informative; 1.

how to load 37mm shells

Tweet this thread. It is important to use a razor knife to cut your fuse.

how to load 37mm shells

Allow the RTV to set prior to firing. You will then run a thin bead of hot glue around the top of the cap, between the cap edge and the casing. Share Share this post on Digg Del.

37mm reload

When using payloads that are combustible, always keep in mind the danger of forest fires. Bookmark in Technorati. Jump to Page.

how to load 37mm shells

Join Date: You are only holding the cap in place. Use either RTV or hot glue to place a thin bead around this perimeter, enough to keep the cap in place and seal the payload from moisture.

how to load 37mm shells

Place the CUP into your casing. Tactical Supply Inc. Drop your flechettes and pencil into your CUP.


Juan RD. Excalibur Catalog,cobray,leinad derringer,mac-10,m11 parts ,kits catalog. The cap will move separate from the CUP, causing the buckshot contained in.