How to harmonise a melody the memory

Major and minor thirds above G , G and below C, C do also, depending on the other musical context happening.

How To Harmonize Melodies

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How To Harmonize A Melody

Sing or hum along as you play a root note and its minor third. But what other techniques could I use for harmony, without knowing the scale, or is that about it?

Now that you have the foundation, pick out a few melodies that you like and start to add different chord voicings. First, what is the key of the melody?

Harmonizing A Melody

It depends on your pace. Play a note, then count 4 half-steps and play that note. These intervals blend well with the root note, creating a pleasing harmony.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Not Helpful 6 Helpful 11. The most difficult part of the working is done and we have the following complete sketch of the treble and bass:. Sing or hum along as you play the notes on a piano or a virtual keyboard app one at a time. The A sharp being a raised note is naturally the leading note of a new key, which would be B minor.

how to harmonise a melody the memory

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how to harmonise a melody the memory

The best way to learn how to harmonize is to sing with others in a group. They could be harmonized like this: As you listen, ask yourself what kind of intervals a harmony employs, if it blends seamlessly with the melody, and if there are dissonant, or tense, note combinations. Sing along as you play notes on a piano first to get a feel for how harmonies work, then practice with apps, recordings, and alongside other singers.

how to harmonise a melody the memory

Playing in different keys requires different physical motions and muscle memory. I've been doing this thing lately where I randomly pick a note on the piano, and use that as the starting note of whatever melody I'm playing, every time I do this I'm in a different key.

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how to harmonise a melody the memory