How to get to chalfant petroglyphs

how to get to chalfant petroglyphs

This area, close to the center of the site, shows extensive weathering to all the designs. We shouldn't have to say all this, but recent history teaches us otherwise... The meaning of the symbols is not absolutely clear.

how to get to chalfant petroglyphs

The Creator. A solid oval with trailing lines sits at the center of the circle. Pass lightly in order to preserve the beauty of these sites for others to appreciate.

how to get to chalfant petroglyphs

There are, as always, a number of popular theories as to the meaning of the content or placement of the symbols; use your imagination... Below it more circular symbols are present, and in the lower center of the picture a carefully drawn grid element is to the right of a symbol looking like a six-fingered hand.

The top of the cliff is etched with wavy lines, a grid of pecked holes, and on the left, a circle with a grid-like element at its center.

how to get to chalfant petroglyphs

From Bishop travel north on Highway 6 to the first group known as the Chalfant Petroglyphs. If I create a link to a product or service on my website, sometimes I may get paid a small commission if you purchase the product or service.

Chalfant Canyon Petroglyphs

Some other faint symbols are also present to the right. Most are also entoptic patterns, while a few represent lizards and rattlesnakes. This little panel of designs was visible at an angle in earlier overview shots.

Some carvings may represent spirit journey visions. The sharply angular cliff faces to the north of these designs have gone unused.

how to get to chalfant petroglyphs

The association of these designs with focused spiritual power implies their creator used this energy in a healing capacity. Preparation The access roads are all passable with a passenger car.

Sky Rock and Full Moon, Chalfant Petroglyphs, Volcanic Tablelands

Tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back. Here is a section of cliff where nearly every available flat surface has been used. Camera Settings and Color Management.