How to draw a easy cool dragon

Step 22. Step 13.

how to draw a easy cool dragon

Step 15. Step 4: Once that is done attach the neck to the body shape which sort of looks like an egg. Step 5.

Start by making a round shape for the head, and then add a long neck line.

how to draw a easy cool dragon

Step 17. Step 2.

Instead, pay attention to the size and spacing of the circles. You have finished this full tutorial on how to draw a dragon for kids which includes the body and head.

If you want your dragon to have longer legs, draw longer lines. This is basically thickening the lines you already drew, but then add the shape of the nose.

How to Draw Dragons for Kids

Draw angled lines below the dragon's body as guides for the legs. Join the mailing list! Drawing dragons for kids should be an easy task, since I've created simple steps to enable any artist to draw them. For the first few steps, don't press down too hard with your pencil. Step 9. I'm a huge fan of these creatures, and I've incorporated them in lots of my work.

how to draw a easy cool dragon

Draw out the shapes of the necks, add some detailing and you are all done. Copyright How2DrawAnimals. Make the squiggles darker in certain areas to create the stripey look. I really hope you'll like this tutorial since I've had a lot of fun finding a unique color scheme for the dragon in the preview. Erase the guides and lines from the first step to clean up the drawing.

They don't have to be perfect. Use light, smooth strokes to begin. The one on the left needs to have the nose and mouth drawn in, and the head to the right has the jaw line and eyes all drawn in too.