How to do the side bun

Natural gasp!

how to do the side bun

Hold the section of your hair outward with one hand. Don't leave too much hair down, or your final look will look sloppy.

Graceful and Beautiful Low Side Bun Hairstyle Tutorials and Hair Looks

Detangle your hair. Secure the bun.

how to do the side bun

And the best part is that this is the kind of look you can practice a bunch of times before your wedding with relatively little effort. This will widen the braid and create texture.

How To Do A Loose Side Bun

Fasten the bottom portion of the bun to the beginning of the ponytail. Side buns need the right amount of volume to look good. Learn more.

how to do the side bun

Pin any remaining wisps. What do you do to add more volume if you have straight hair on top and curly hair underneath? This will help the bun stay in position. Kind of.

Tie your hair in place with an elastic hair band. Keep twisting the hair, allowing it to wind around the upper sections of the ponytail.

And my favorite pro tip? The number of bobby pins needed varies from person to person. Pin up each braid.

how to do the side bun

Gather your hair at the base of your head. Help answer questions Learn more.