How to cover mesh drywall tape

I specialize in drywall repairs and mesh tape is absolutely the best tape to use, for my application. Related 4. Thanks, Guy, That Kilted Guy.

How to Work with Fiberglass Tape

Be sure you are covering the tape completely as you go. For maximum joint strength, keep the mesh centered in the corner.

how to cover mesh drywall tape

About the Author Glenda Taylor is a contractor and a full-time writer specializing in construction writing. Faced with all of those paper tape challenges, you'll probably agree that fiberglass tape is worth its extra cost. Airtight storage helps keeps the adhesive fresh and shields the tape from drywall dust, another culprit that reduces tackiness.

how to cover mesh drywall tape

This is dry stuff that is mixed with water and contains plaster of paris. More mud, bigger hump to try and feather out. Trackbacks are Off.

how to cover mesh drywall tape

If you are going over steel studded walls you may use a mesh tape for flats and butts only due to the limited movement in the metal but is still not recommended. Dilbert789 Dilbert789 688 3 9 14. Long straight joints, in the middle where drywall bevel edges meet is fine for mesh because usually more mud applied due to the bevel.

how to cover mesh drywall tape

It combines a metal angle with paper flanges for a perfectly shaped and smooth inside corner. It made patching in a tight space much easier.

how to cover mesh drywall tape

The mesh tape is constructed of fiberglass and has an adhesive backing that allows it to stick to the seam without the need for applying a previous layer of wet joint compound. I live in Montana where especially it can get cold in basements during the winter. I really don't know. The final coat should be regualr mud which is a bit easier to sand. But yes, it's vastly superior than paper for 1 simple reason.

Tips When Using Drywall, Mesh Tape and Mud

The only place I don't like it is for inside corners. View oh'mike's Album. Skip to main content. This can be hard to fix and is one reason why a lot of drywallers prefer paper tape on butt joints.

Yes, it takes a patient hand, but you do need to carefully apply the final coat s and feather it out well with your 10- or 12-inch knife. The metal also gives your drywall knife a smooth, rigid surface to ride along when taping the corner.