How to be a good union representative

Role of a Union Representative

Most branches will make sure that reps have details of local union officers who can give prompt advice and guidance.

References CWA 4900: Or maybe something is being tried out in your workplace that could have an impact elsewhere. A union is all its members, not just its reps. This list of tips for union reps comes out of six years experience of union organising in the public sector.

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how to be a good union representative

Any tips on getting people to sign up? Jef Costello wrote: Then the facts are built into a complaint and launched as a grievance procedure, following the rules written in the contract.

how to be a good union representative

Two of them were directly to do with trade union activities, where the employer tried unsuccessfully to prove that what I was doing was beyond my remit as a union rep. If a meeting is open to all members, then it should be relevant and interesting -- and the challenge of making this happen is part of what keeps you accountable.

Get the Job

Of course forcing them to do it is important with routine things. Some reps may be involved in local negotiations or in grievance or disciplinary cases — with training and support from the union.

how to be a good union representative

If you don't like that, don't take the job. When a worker comes forward with a grievance, the steward's first step is to investigate and gather the facts. Unions are involved in far more than organizing campaigns to convince employees to join their ranks, and they do more than negotiate labor union contracts.

how to be a good union representative

As Steven says, the more info, the better always keeping it anonymous as possible, of course. I won't be bullied into staying quiet but I don't expect much support from the other members who choose to let this go or those who are afraid to speak up. Some of them are things I tried, and which worked.

how to be a good union representative

Senior reps or convenors often take part in negotiations about pay and conditions with employers. The union membership trusts representatives to act in the best interest of the collective body. And lastly… try not to get fired A decent union rep does a lot more good in their workplace than they would do out of a job. Don't take the piss: