How much does barf dog food cost

How much does it cost to feed raw?

Already have an account? Do you have any turkey varieties? Flea on April 3, 2014 at 9: We do not do this through low quality ingredients, we do this by keeping our margins low and offering large package sizes.

Date published: The reason I'm able to afford to feed four big dogs a raw food diet is that I order 100 pounds or more at a time.

how much does barf dog food cost

In Stock Note: Product information will be included with the form automatically. There are whole animals, raw meaty bones, and organs.

Cost of Feeding Raw Dog Food + Raw Food Co-Op List

Kimberly on April 3, 2014 at 12: Your email address will not be published. Delivered to my door. My mom bought livers and gizzards by the pound from our local fried chicken shop when we were kids, fed the livers to our puppy.

how much does barf dog food cost

A word of advice that I have suggested for years is to base your purchase on the product that offers the highest level of nutrient utilization, because that is in the end what is the most important consideration. Thanks so much for being so awesome, Tara.

Extremely high quality meat sources — local farms, organic, and regularly monitored for top quality. So I am considering making my own feed for them, however after buying supplements, oils and meats I can imagine that the cost would add up quickly I'm thinking it might even be more then the patties?

This is bulk grind and bones for 3 animals — all pre-prepared, portioned into 1 pound increments, delivered to my door.

how much does barf dog food cost

Newsletter opt-in. I guess all forms of pet food have their advantages and disadvantages.


I will continue to buy Steve's Real Food for my dogs. Your pet enriches your life, and feeding a healthy, raw diet — ensuring their long term health and happiness — is totally worth paying for.

how much does barf dog food cost

Yes, your dog will spend more time eating its food, and yes, you will have to supervise. Saving Money on Raw Feeding If you're looking into raw feeding and you're struggling with the price tag, there are several ways to save money on raw.