How many 2ac coaches in train

This class has been phased out completely. In order to avoid duplicate reservation being made in favour of the Defence personnel by the reservation office as well as by the R. First class accommodation set apart for ladies. The reservation slip should be in the following form: Serial No.

how many 2ac coaches in train

The objectives of use of computers on Indian Railways are to improve quality of service to the customers to improve efficiency and to replace manual handling in those areas where work-load has gone beyond the capacity for manual handling. Coach Diagrams and Seatmaps Properly designed, aesthetic layout diagrams of the Indian Railways' various classes of travel and coaches are very difficult to find, and I've sought to correct this with this set of diagrams.

how many 2ac coaches in train

For example, if accommodation by Frontier Mail train is not available and strengthening of it is also not feasible, accommodation by other trains, such as Air-conditioned Express or Dehra Dun Express, should be increased as possible.

Quota under various heads to be shown on each page of reservation register. If they agree, reservation by the concerned alternative train should be made and confirmed.

how many type of coach/berth use by indian railway

Alterations and over writings should not be permitted. The Station Master will also advise the organizer of the special train to get the particulars of arrival and departure at each scheduled halt and details of extra charges paid for each extra detention, change in composition en route, etc.

how many 2ac coaches in train

Civil prisoners if insane, violent or dangerous, and insane persons, shall not be allowed to mix with other passengers, but must upon reserved accommodation being engaged, be placed with their escort or attendants in a prison van or in a separate compartment as the case may be. This receipt should be produced at the time of asking for a subsequent reservation.

If, however, the waiting list is already exhausted, accommodation may be allotted on the basis of 'first come, first served' amongst those who turn up on the platform without having registered themselves in the waiting list earlier.

Compartments reserved for attendants. The Reservation Clerk on receipt of the telegram, will enter the necessary particulars in the reservation register with the date and time of receipt. It is also proposed to cover all stations handling reservation workload of over fifteen thousand reservations per day. It should not be so low as to encourage the touts to indulge in malpractices.

Travel Classes of Indian Railway

If a decision is taken sufficiently in advance to attach an additional coach when rush of traffic so justifies, reservations for a number of passengers on the waiting list could be confirmed eliminating many complaints.

There is one coach attendant to help the passengers. Presently computer systems are being used more widely covering a variety of applications such as passenger reservation system, divisional, stores, workshops systems, etc.

Guard of the special train should not sign-off unless folder entries are filled up or neither will hand the folder over to the Station Master of the destination station. This class of travel is available on Tejas Express and Shatabdi Express trains. Tickets issued are valid on any train on the same route if boarded within 24 hours of buying the ticket.

Sleeping accommodation for second class passengers.