How mandelas actions made a difference

See the video here:. Extreme poverty ends with you.

5 Ways Winnie Mandela Influenced the Lives of Women in South Africa

Winnie, as well as the other detained women, became a symbol of inspiration and strength for those fighting the Apartheid government. Winnie Mandela, a polarizing South African figure, has sadly passed away.

This way of seeing her as primarily beautiful, and not as an emerging political figure, has coloured both contemporaneous accounts of Madikizela-Mandela for she was surely too young and beautiful to have a serious political idea as well as scholarly accounts of the period which focused on the thoughts and actions of men.

On one occasion, when a policeman arrived at her house with a summons and dared to pull her arm, she assaulted him and had to defend herself in court for the action.

how mandelas actions made a difference

We use cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. Register First Name. Decades before the end of Apartheid, Mandela also served as an inspiration for civil rights movements around the world, including in the US.

#MandelaDay: Make a difference in the lives of others

Love learning about Nelsons Mandelas history. Make a difference in the lives of others Share this article with a friend Your Name: Domestic dispute allegedly behind Durban CBD mass shooting.

how mandelas actions made a difference

In her early life — prior to her marriage to Nelson Mandela — Winnie Madikizela was already a remarkable woman for her time. This account has been deactivated. Italian modernities: These were dark times in a country weighed down by states of emergency and militarised control.

how mandelas actions made a difference

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But many people do not actually know the extent of good that Nelson Mandela did during his life, whether it was during his imprisonment, in office or once he was retired.

However, that is not all that she was and we should never forget that, as with most people, there were many sides to her. Finally, he taught us how to live: