How did you learn of our company

At the end of the interview, most hiring managers will ask you if you have any questions for them. Interview Videos Prepare for Your Interviews. Make it clear how and why the posting stood out to you, and why you applied for the job. You can make points here for your interest in the employer. Quality discernment?

Tough Interview Question - How did you learn about your company’s products and services?

I asked my mentor for some suggestions and he recommended that I get together for lunch with people from different departments. Also see how to answer the related job interview question, " What do you know about us? Often this question is asked so that the employer can understand which recruiting method or platform being used is the most effective.

how did you learn of our company

Job-Hunt Intelligence Weekly Newsletter. This is a relatively common job interview question, becoming more popular recently. According to Dr.

how did you learn of our company

You need to show an above-and-beyond grasp of how your company works. Then, add how you did research to discover that you would be interested in working for this employer based on the positive information you found.

Why hiring managers ask, “How did you learn about the opening?”

If it is OK with them, give their name and, in a large organization, their department and location, perhaps even an employee identification number if one is used. It was a great networking opportunity, yet it also opened me up to multiple points of view at the company and many different perspectives…" An example of how you should not answer this question: If someone has referred you appropriately, you want them to receive the award.

how did you learn of our company

In general, being honest is the best strategy, but be careful with how you respond to this question. Let me give you an example of how that has helped me be more effective in my work…" An example of how to best answer this question for entry level candidates: The hiring manager would like to hear you say something like,.

How To Answer “How Did You Hear About This Position?”

Over 50? Often, the primary reason they ask this question is to gauge how interested you are in the job and in working for them. The selection process often is based on how well the candidate fits in the organizational culture, and part of the fit is based on how well you appear before the interviewer and your level of interest in the company that might be cutting your paycheck.

I heard about this position through a current employee, Jane Doe.

how did you learn of our company

Show your enthusiasm. Employers prefer job candidates who have been referred by an employee because, typically, referred candidates become "good hires" They do their job well, stay in the job longer than average, and refer other good job candidates.

how did you learn of our company

However, if your sole interest is that they have a reputation for paying very well, find another reason you can share with the employer.

If you found the job posted in social media, like Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, provide as many details as possible -- date and source.

Check the company's LinkedIn page and the company website to review the information provided by the employer. Plus, by learning their names and faces, you can avoid being caught unawares if you run into one of them in the elevator or the reception area.