Healthy whole grain recipes breakfast

30 Best Healthy Whole-Grain Cereals to Add to Your Grocery List

It's often added to soups and risotto but works as a terrific substitute for rice in this easy stir-fry.

Top with crumbled goat cheese for a bit of creaminess in every bite. You can amp up the healthy benefits of any pasta dish by substituting whole-wheat pasta for regular white pasta; this pasta dish builds upon the heartiness of the whole-wheat penne with a savory and slightly sweet cauliflower sauce.

healthy whole grain recipes breakfast

Corn-and-Oat Risotto. Footer Email Facebook Instagram Pinterest.

healthy whole grain recipes breakfast

Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. Add some blueberries or strawberries for sweetness.

healthy whole grain recipes breakfast

A little goes a long way, as in this very flavorful rice dish. Vitamin C-packed tropical fruit makes this feel special-occasion, even on a weekday.

7 Healthy Whole Grain Breakfast Recipes

Triple-Herb Freekeh. Courtesy of Food for Life. Healthy Whole-Grain Recipes. Breakfast, dessert, coffee, tea—this clafoutis, with the texture of a Dutch baby pancake recipe crossed with a magic custard cake, using wholesome spelt flour, is made for any time of day. Get the Recipe: BUY NOW A half-cup scoop of these peanut buttery, whole grain clusters satisfies a third of your daily whole grain requirements.

Try them with maple syrup, yogurt or your favorite fruit. Courtesy of Grape Nuts. Courtesy of Mini Wheats. With wheat germ for healthy fats and vegetable protein, this is a morning treat you can feel good about. Barbara's Cinnamon Puffins. Wheat berries are one of the chewiest of all whole grains — soaking them overnight helps to soften them.

healthy whole grain recipes breakfast

You're going to want to keep a bag of this coconut granola around for snacking — it's that good. BUY NOW There's a whopping 11g of protein in a serving of this cinnamon crisp cereal, which is twice the protein of the average leading cereals. Herbed Farro Pilaf. Grape Nuts. And, unlike traditional date squares, you can hold these in your hand without them crumbling onto the floor below you.

Herbed Quinoa. Will It Pop? It's milled from a softer wheat than is used in regular whole-wheat flour, which results in tender, lighter baked goods. There are over 60 different varieties of amaranth, all with the ability to reseed themselves, making them easy to grow even wild and highly sustainable.