Doctor who series 7 title fonts

doctor who series 7 title fonts

In March 1967, four months after Patrick Troughton succeeded William Hartnell as the Doctor, the decision was taken to refresh the titles. Everything went great... Case File One.

The Mill.

doctor who series 7 title fonts

The Power of Kroll. Series 8: The Highlanders. Futura Book Animation: Jasper Capel says: Time Heist. Full Circle. Ghost Light.

Doctor Who: 50 Years of Main Title Design

The Rebel Flesh. Revenge of the Cybermen. Night Terrors. The Infinite Quest.

Series 7 Title Sequence Changes Detailed

The War Machines a special computer-style font was used, with each letter appearing one at a time, while flashing in and out of negative. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Good Work, sir. It Takes You Away. The end of the Anniversary celebrations brought with it several revelations about the Doctor, and a new banner was created, this one featuring all thirteen Doctors seen in The Day of the Doctor.

doctor who series 7 title fonts