Crontab how to comment in xml

crontab how to comment in xml

Every cron resource created by Puppet requires a command and at least one periodic attribute hour, minute, month, monthday, weekday, or special.

What's the error? You can do it with the following command: This could be done by first editing crons. All of them offer a similar interface, namely the use of crontab or a similar command.

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Puppetize Live. Resources Resource library. Substitute For the sake of completeness here's another way: The crontab will also echo "I like cron a little" at 16: Download Puppet Development Kit.

crontab how to comment in xml

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crontab how to comment in xml

Type reference. Features Supports 3 XSD design: If that isn't the case though, then it can still be launched through manual definitions:.


Features Formats the XML with 4 indentation levels: Of course, users can choose not to use any system crontab at all. Make sure the cron daemon of choice has been added to the system's init process; without this step the cron daemon will not perform its job.

The symbolic name of the cron job.