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He is fiercely resistant to portraying himself as any kind of victim, and says he never informed Google of his autism diagnosis. Build your marketing knowledge by choosing from daily news bulletins or a weekly special. Nowhere is this more the case than Google, which cultivates open debate on thousands of internal discussion groups and online forums. Fuck you.

Fired engineer calls Google an ideologically driven 'mob' intolerant of scientific debate

Meanwhile, Google is facing a lawsuit by the Department of Labor that alleges it underpaid female employees. Brand News. But many staff were simply aghast. When Blind asked its users if they thought Google should have fired Damore, over 4,000 from different companies weighed in.

Beyond the Brief. He was fired last year in the wake of a dispute with a female colleague and unrelated comments he made at a company-wide gathering themed around LGBT rights. Sports Marketing. The Drum social breakfast. Exceptional Women. Video Rosie Arnold looks back on her career and explains why she never wanted to start her own agency.

Chinese New Year.

James Damore sues Google, alleging intolerance of white male conservatives

He does not once, however, use his autism to excuse his actions. More than half of Googlers said they didn't think it was right for the company to fire Damore. His tweets are not always provocative; sometimes they are more reflective. His performance reviews were excellent, and he was promoted twice in two years. Shazam Chart. James Damore in San Francisco. Unfortunately for Damore, even some of the academics cited in his memo take issue with the context in which he used their research.

Yet one incident around that time suggests otherwise. But it is not hard to dismantle this line of argument. Sponsored Links.

Brand Saftey. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Damore lost his job Monday after a firestorm erupted over the weekend when his memo went viral. Native Advertising.