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To watch more videos, Click http: Parents of both Bride and Groom exchange Tambula, silk clothes, gifts, jewels etc. Rain all day Friday and into the night with cold temps plus high winds led to a starting time of 11pm along with a very sketchy track surface!

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As we had hoped, it was also fast! They've shipped a C10 to Australia, where it is being transformed into a competitive burnout rig with the help of the students and teachers at the Canberra Institute of Technology Subscribe to Street Machine for V8-powered good times http: Watch our other exclusive videos at our website. The ultimate sleeper truck 00: From the pieced together homemade intake, to the layer of rubber on the back of the cab from the burnouts, it was clear this truck had plenty of character!

Nambiar, S. Click here for a Playlist: A rare peak under the hood, and an inside look at why Farmtruck stays true to its roots. So follow along as we bring the magazine to life, and remember to check back regularly for new videos.

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Chris' opponent to lock in a spot was Steve Stanick and his "Warbird" firebird. Viswanathan Ramamurthy Cast: Watch out for this one because it will be everywhere! Hopefully he can take out the top 10 list on the Street Outlaws show when they start filming again. Farm Girl is looking to shake things up in the diesel, and the no prep world next year. Lots of good stuff coming from this one, including a full length Big Tire edit.

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Chris was already at a huge disadvantage running a new twin turbo setup and untested new chassis in his sinister looking "Kamikaze" El Camino! Street Outlaws: In the mean time Reaper took Deez Nuts to the Lights Out radial race in Georgia and got some testing in on a "Prepped" track to get the bugs worked out of it.

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