Baseball cuff bracelets how to make

I did a plain one with just the Cardinals logo and did a Cubs beaded one.

Sorry for miss spells above.. Continue cutting stitches all the way around the ball.

baseball cuff bracelets how to make

Like this: This should give you a fairly accurate lining piece, but you may have to trim off a little more as you are gluing later. Trace around the ball piece. Similar Articles.

baseball cuff bracelets how to make

Wait to dry.. It would prob be too heavy.. As you can see in the pic.

baseball cuff bracelets how to make

However what works the best which is on the bottom is to sew a button on then mod podge the logo on top of that and use the dimensional on top of the logo...

As for the mod podge, do you just use it as glue underneath the picture to attach to cuff, then use the dimensional on top? Ronnie March 21, 2013 at 7: If you have anymore questions let me no...

Baseball Cuff Bracelet

So you are just weaving in and out of the holes under and over for the beads... These are cool!

baseball cuff bracelets how to make

Anonymous May 1, 2013 at 8: Hide end thread tails by sewing over the tail beginning of stitching or running needle under about 4 stitches end of stitching.

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